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                          With a team of professional engineers lead by Mr. Steve Lin our chairman, cricket news Co., Ltd. (cricket news) was established in 1973, and founded on the management philosophy of “Upgrading Taiwan Technology” to develop cricket news Brand Products.

                                Since the production of radial drilling machines in 1975, we have successively developed Material Handling Equipment (Forklift), Sheet Metal Equipment (NCT Turret Punch Press, Fiber Laser Cutting, cricket score Hydraulic Servo Press Brake), Automated Equipment (Multi Axis Tea compressing and modeling machine, Machining Center) and related products. Based on the excellent basis of turret punch press in the past 30 years, cricket news creates higher product value for customers, is not only to provide the top-notch fiber laser equipment, but also provides with total laser sheet metal technology solutions for future completely laser applications.

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                                cricket news’s operations progressively expanded to service domestic and international clients closely with additional showrooms, branch offices and factories in Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.
                                cricket news have our persisting effort in perfecting our product quality. Our products have been sold to more than 50 countries worldwide, the quality is highly praised by many countries and accumulated more than 5,000 customers.

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                                      Over the years, major business groups of cricket news have presented the convincing track records. As material handling business group had won the domestic and exporting sales championship; all trucks are with CE certification, and have been honored with the “Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award”.

                                        The fourth time of full range of NCT turret punch press has been recognized as the leading new products for precision machinery by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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                                      • Development of laser cutting equipment has launched CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine.

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                                        With more than 45 years of cultivating localization in Taiwan, cricket news has grown along with the development of Taiwan's machinery industry. With our unique technology and entrepreneurial spirit, we have created a scale of nearly 10 billion annual revenues, and have become a world-renowned brand. We expect the cricket news brand to be renowned worldwide, and make the world catch sight of Taiwan.

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                                          The ultimate processing, the best quality, is the professional persistence that cricket news Group always pursues.

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                                              • Caotun Comprehensive business and leisure farm schematic diagram

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                                                  Jiangsu Nantong production factory and education center schematic diagram

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